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Jeff's previous projects have taken him from Maui to the streets of Bangalore, India. He owned and operated a small photography company which primarily shot weddings.  Over the years he has taken product shots for advertising purposes, shot events (sports to ribbon cuttings) and stock photography.  


"I remember loving 110 film... mainly because it resembled a Tron bike but that's where it started, learning the basics of a manual camera which is how I gained the technical aspect."  

Jeff's broad skill-set brings a variety of perspectives to any scenario.  He approaches a shoot as if he was designing a magazine layout or creating a rendering, always keeping the big picture in mind.  One of his specialties is scouting locations and returning when conditions are ideal for shooting.

Please contact Jeff with questions 

regarding purchasing existing

images and for a quote for your

next photo shoot.






Real Estate


Aerial photography

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