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Jeff Long is a ridiculously well rounded Industrial Designer and Photographer.  Growing up in the foothills outside of Seattle Washington exposed Jeff to forward thinking early on.  Graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle (honors) helped him focus his interests toward's Industrial Design Technology.


Jeff has always felt strongly about understanding all of the components regarding design, when an opportunity came up to cross train he took it.  

Shortly after graduation he moved to Michigan to work in a Model Shop for Johnson Controls.  His five years was invaluable as he experienced working between Marketing, Design, Engineering and Electronics all within a global corporation.

With an ever growing passion for the environment Jeff helped to implement an internal recycling program, donating materials to local colleges and an environmental board at JCI.  He also helped create and chair the fun committee and was shop photographer.  Before Jeff moved on from JCI he was leading International Auto show builds and had traveled to Germany for Auto show support.

Since 2006 Jeff has worked primarily as an independent contractor.  This has contributed to his skills expanding exponentially and invaluable experiences. 






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