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Over the years while working for myself I have had the opportunity to work with so many talented people!  One of my favorite shops to contract in was the Steelcase Model shop, where I now work full time!

The Model shop team is exceptional and is made up of a diverse mix of talent, skills and experiences.

I am excited and thankful to have the opportunity to participate not only as a Model maker but contribute my environmental passions, volunteering desires and of course they tolerate my need for humor/nonsense. 


I am truly excited to have crossed paths with this group, they are doing such important work within our community!  I will be serving on their board of directors and participating in as many events/classes as possible.

 CultureWorks Transformative Art + Design Academy is a Holland, MI-based, faith inspired nonprofit offering culturally relevant, transformative art and design experiences to youth from all backgrounds.  Our mission is to cultivate creativity, build community, and empower students, in order to foster wholeness in a fractured world.

We provide a nurturing environment where professional teaching artists and designers work with middle and high school students from all backgrounds to inspire curiosity, develop talent, and build 21st century skills.

Sharing a solution for near sighted children living in poverty

Meeting Eugene Koning in 2015, I was soon captivated by his life long dedication and passion to help the less fortunate with sight.
I helped to develop his process of making glasses for near sighted children and traveled to India for two conferences sponsored by Partners Worldwide.
Today I am still searching for a champion to help make this solution a reality.
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