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Jeff graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Seattle in 1998 with an associates degree in Industrial Design.  He has since worked in a wide variety of industries; Functional automotive prototypes, web design, graphics, product design, art curator, sculptor, photographer and electric bicycle development.


Phisically exploring his environment throughout his childhood gave him a direct and physical connection to raw design principals in nature.  He has always enjoyed learning using all senses.

With such broad experiences Jeff is able to bring a fresh perspective to any project.  

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Product Design

Think tank/Ideation



Functional art 

Project Management

Globe Vision - Holland MI

I worked closely with the owner to design these custom display cases. Because of timing and cost parameters I completed the steel and wood builds.

Dragon Sculpture; NHB

The sculpture is built around an inner frame work that Jeff designed.

Gesture; Steelcase

While contracting at Steelcase Jeff helped to develop this chair from its infancy. He was responsible for communicating with the Design team, Engineering and Model Shop


Office Chair

Reboot Buggy; Joey Ruiter

Jeff worked closely with the vehicles designer on this fully functional and street legal vehicle build. Metal fabrication Component design Electrical Project Management Assembly Testing Filming Jeff was on set/location during the filming of the promotional video. He was also responsible for custom camera mounts. Take a look in the Whats New section for a video!

Story Board


Industrial Chandelier

Chandeliers typically have an elegance, Jeff wanted to redefine that. Three copper tubes poke through the formed metal top and bottom, giving it a musical curiosity. One of Jeff's trademarks is his attention to detail; to access and change the light bulbs a small door can be opened and the light bar is slid out!.

Cento Anni - Holland MI

This event space required something unique for its lighting. I designed and built this lighting using steel from New Holland Brewery Whiskey Barrels.

Cento Anni - Holland MI

Custom spaces require custom solutions; I designed and built the bathroom partitions.

Snoped; Joey

Jeff and Joey worked closely to develop and fabricate this functional prototype. Take a look in the Whats New section for a video!

Engineered Tree

This sculpture was built to raise awareness at an Art Prize event in Grand Rapids Michigan. "I was inspired after hearing reports on Frankenforests (steel trees that would help clean the air)" This tree is an artistic interpretation of a future scenario. The tree had just been cut down at a local college. The steel was all repurposed. The globe depicted what the earth would look like after the polar caps melted. The satellite dish had a collage of found images showing an avoidable future.

Sculpture; TJ Aiken

This sculpture was designed and built by TJ Aiken for the city of Plainwell Michigan. Jeff helped TJ with surfacing this permanent installation.

Buck Rogers Lighting

Inspired by some of the classics this light is built from repurposed items. While working on similar projects Jeff may gather items and materials from thrift stores to scrap yards. This Light consists of: Plumb Bob Retro lamp component Steelcase wood arm Plumbing components Electrical cover

Mobil Makery; Ambrose

Jeff worked with the owner of Ambrose to develop and ultimately build a mobil silk screen station. It was used in parades and for demonstrations at schools.

ESX; Johnson Controls

While working at Johnson Controls Jeff developed a number of functional prototypes. Some were strictly built for internal reviews while others were fully functional street ready vehicles like the one pictured here (ESX). Jeff project managed a portion of the interior build and built the center console/controls. His team was responsible for final fit and finish.

Pro Car; Autoform

While working at Autoform Development Jeff helped to develop and model the new design for the Pro Car.

SRT Dodge Viper; Autoform

While working for Autoform Development Jeff helped to design this aftermarket SRT package. Jeff was responsible for creating renderings of the "soon to come" SRT package for advertising purposes. He also helped to design the tooling, shipping crates and the exploded views for assembly.

Magazine ad; Spectrum Sandsports

To reach your target market efficiently the right design decisions are crucial. In this case Spectrum Sandsports was a relatively new name that needed long term brand recognition. Jeff was responsible for logo design, printed and advertising media along with the web site.

Dragon Sculpture; NHB

Jeff was brought on to design and project manage the dragon sculpture. Quite a bit of thought and problem solving was involved throughout the build. The entire sculpture needed to be transported and set up on various sites, which meant everything needed to have hidden fasteners and be self contained. At each joint the fog machine plumbing has a disconnect, when operational it is activated via remote. As a bonus Jeff wired LEDs to the glass elements!

Globe Vision Window Display

Jeff worked with the owner to develop the best solution for his front windows. This simple and clean solution is easy for him to reconfigure while not obstructing the natural light. Sourcing the work proved to be costly so to stay within budget while creating what his customer needed Jeff was able to do the majority of the work himself.

Gyxo Studio; Holland Mi

Having the ability to physically create what he designs shortens the entire process. Here he is working in a studio in Holland Michigan (Gyxo) proving out logistics for an upcoming build.

Stop & Taste; New Holland Brewery

Jeff was contracted to project manage the completion of a vintage trailer restoration and remodel. It would be towed to events all over the country and needed to be low maintenance. Jeff designed and built the tap drawer that pulls out of the side of the trailer five feet, helped with the custom trailer and many other interior components including the walk in cooler.

Stop & Taste; New Holland Brewery

The beautifully renovated trailer maintains its outer nostalgic appearance while hiding some surprising updates inside.

Storage solutions

No project is the same, each has its own parameters to work within. This space required a custom hinge to get the needed swing.

Loosing my marbles

Collaborative piece; Rick Weese Custom pieces for clients are often very satisfying. This customer wanted a piece of furniture in an entry way, after some design discussions a childhood marble collection was revealed and the inspiration began.


From corporations to individual customers everyone values the development process, Jeff enjoys this through sketching. After discussing the needs and vision of the customer Jeff developed these first draft ideas in order to evolve in the desired direction together.


Work Environment


Jeff developed this concept for small outdoor events and trade show venues.

Jet Chair

A number of Holland artists helped raise money for a local historical theatre that was being renovated by creating art from designated materials. The material to be used needed to be gathered at a local salvage/recycling yard. Jeff used some materials from the theatre demolition and some found objects at the salvage yard. The diamond plate was part of a dismantled loading dock and the chair legs were once industrial stage lighting mounts. The chair is a part from a Lear Jet.

Jet Chair

Theatre fund raising

Sit yourself

Theatre fund raising

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